Bit Bait Infinity

The bit bait infinity innovative products of the invention are toxic chemical-free, Ecological, BIO, 0% industrial chemical for the active ingredient, 0% toxic chemical, 100% natural insecticide and rodenticide in the form of gels , Powder, pellets, blocks and capsules. It’s a non-toxic 100% natural pesticide that uses a physical rather than a chemical eradication method. It works because it contains natural elements, some of which attract insects, rodents and stimulate their appetite and one of which has an extermination action. Specifically, a dose of a baked gypsum component takes action at the digestive level. This slow and progressive action is the main reason for the absence of antibody development in the insects and rodents, and does not induce any mistrust among rodents. Gypsum is a mineral substance that does not degrade in time and so its action is permanent.


Because of its natural element composition, the product of the invention has no effect on human health, animals, farmland and the environment in general. The manufacture of baits is produced in a safe manufacturing process, since it leaves no residue or waste whether solid, liquid or gas and it does not require water in its production.