Why it’s unique & new technology ?

» 0% industrial chemical of active ingredient, 0% toxic chemicals, 100% natural pesticides (Insecticides and Rodenticides).

» I change the mode of killing from chemical to physical.

» This bait of natural formula attacks the digestive system, making rodents & insects unable to fight back means that this natural formula does not generate immunologic memory in rodents & insects).

» I solved the problem still existing in the world: of field mouse (rat des champs) in agriculture, by the 100% natural rodenticides and when it decomposes it become a fertilizer (it’s an important for our food security).

» Low-cost solutions: the active ingredient it’s not industrial chemical, no toxic & not expensive (natural substance), safe protection and efficiency proven already in Algeria market.

» Eco-innovation: It does not leave any waste, 0% (whether hard, liquid or gas), It does not require water in its production.

» The bit bait infinity innovative products insecticides & rodenticides are natural & Bio cheaper than chemicals & toxic products exciting.

How does it work? How does it operate?

“Bit bait rodent & crawling insects killer bait ” contains a natural active ingredient called “gypsum” , this matter is able to disrupt/disturb the digestive system of both rodents and crawling insects (all type of crawling insects & rodents) , Eradication is physical, not chemical.


This is what makes the difference and distinguishes our solution (bit bait), comparing the chemicals products existing on the market today. Note that these rodents or insects have become resistant to toxic chemicals and anticoagulants used today, these products target the nervous system and blood circulation, the rodents and the crawling insects were able to generate an immune reaction to these products to survive.


As for the bait “bit bait, it attacks the digestive system, making rodents & insects unable to fight back means(Bit bait does not generate immunologic memory in rodents & insects). ” bit bait, proved it efficiency for unfinished (Infinity).

Our global humanitarian mission is:

» To globalize the idea of “nature to nature” to return to traditional methods where humans protected themselves without compromising their health and environment.
» We want to contribute to the stop the use of hazardous substances, industrial chemical toxic formulas and harmful chemicals.
» Launch this new technology over the world for stopping harming our planet.
Bit bait infinity innovative products are natural pesticides that protect the entire ecosystem.
» We make pest management products in ways that prevent risks to your health, your children, your pet and the environment.
» Food security in Agriculture (Agri-food).

The domestic, professional and agriculture market for these innovative products is of course huge. This is because consumers nowadays are more aware of the health issues related to the use of pesticides, and so they require more and more non-toxic products. Our key mainstream partners, those that could benefit from our invention are pest control companies, city councils, farmers, breeders, chemists, grocery stores and supermarkets.

The Agriculture market for these innovative products is solving the problem of field mouse still existing till now by the 100% natural rodenticides and does not require preventive guidelines because it does not pose any threat to the soil, plants, and trees, it is easy to decompose and becomes fertilizer.